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Double Olympic Champion in the coxless four 2008, 2012.

Pete Reed
About Pete Reed

Double Olympic gold medallist Pete Reed MBE, 33, is one of the most accomplished oarsmen in international rowing.

Raised in the Cotswold countryside, he showed Olympic determination and focus from an early age with an active family lifestyle. Despite trying many sports at school including rugby, cycling and basketball, Pete didn't find any that he truly excelled at.

His life changed when he won a coveted place on an Officer training scholarship at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in 1999 – one of only three comprehensive school students to be chosen from thousands of applicants. It was during his first deployment, in the Gulf, that he was tested on the Concept 2 ergometer for the first time and discovered his physical aptitude for rowing

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This new site will be regularly updated thanks to a change in architecture and friendly iPad app. I’ll even be able to update on the move from training camps and race venues. Also armed with my digital Nikon D4 and Fuji X100s camera I hope to keep you well immersed in content which shows what life’s like for a British rower.


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